Workshop Passport

Workshop Passport

from 80.00

Sessions happening every Wednesday from 9am - 9pm

Open to students who have completed a course with us, the Workshop Passport allows participants to work on their own self-guided projects at our fully equipped blacksmithing workshop. Each 3 hour session involves supervised access to blacksmithing equipment, including gas and coke furnaces, striking and traditional anvils, hammers, tongs and other tooling. 

If you have any questions call Matt on 0499 986 899.

Each session is 3 hours in duration

Session 1: 9am – 12pm
Session 2: 1pm – 4pm
Session 3: 6pm – 9pm

Valid for 3 months

Steel can be bought from us or you can bring your own.

Once you have purchased your sessions, book your session by arranging a time here.

Please be advised that Workshop Passport sessions are only open to folks who have forged through a course with us. This is not because we're beardy trolls guarding the gates to our furnaces, but so that we can be sure Smith's know basic forging skills and they're not going to set themselves on fire. If you're keen to have a go, why not start with one of our courses

Number of sessions: