The Blacksmith's Toolbox with Alec Steele

Instructed by UK based maverick blacksmith, Alec Steele, this intensive 4 day master class is a rare chance for beginning and seasoned blacksmiths to add to their knowledge and tool collection. Students will be guided through the process of making a wide variety of blacksmithing tools to add to your workshop and gain valuable insights into how to forge and modify tools to suit any projects you wish to work on. Many of the tools made in this course are hard to buy nowadays and even second hand ones are expensive if you can find them.


Class Schedule

  • 4 consecutive days
  • 9am to 4pm

What You Will Learn

  • Alec will share techniques he has developed during his meteoric rise to the top of the blacksmithing world
  • Learn from a master of contemporary blacksmithing
  • Develop tool-making skills to become a self sufficient blacksmith

What You Get

  • Receive demos and tutoring from a world renowned blacksmith
  • Create a collection of 12 tools of the trade
  • Work within a vestige of Australia's industrial past: the Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop
  • Lunch and morning tea included

The tools

Over the duration of the masterclass students will make learn to make: 

  • Rounding hammer
  • Flatter
  • Top and bottom fullers
  • Hammer eye tongs
  • Cupping tool
  • Hardy hot cut
  • A variety of punches and drifts

For more information on Alec's tools

Course learnings

  • Forging many tools to take home
  • Emphasis on the traditional fashion of forging with a striker
  • Finishing and polishing of some tools with a linisher
  • Heat treatment
  • Handle fitment

Additional Info

  • Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided. If you have any special dietary requirements please ensure you bring something that meets your needs.  
  • All materials will be provided for the completion of the tools including handles.
  • Hearing, eye and respiratory protection will be provided or you may bring your own if they're suitable


  • We are taking a 40% deposit ($600) for the course, with the rest if the fee able to be paid in instalments of $500 and $400. 

View more information on Alec here, or view his videos here

Toolmaking tutorial by Alec Steele